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Ealing Green Church
Methodist and United Reform
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The church office is opened Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.30am-2.30pm.


Read the latest copy of the church magazine Unity or look through past editions.

Read our Financial statement here: Ealing Green Annual Report and Financial Statements to 30 September 2014 published


Financial Statement
Financial Statement


The Church has recently started a refurbishment project that will last until roughly September 2015. The work has meant that access to the church is now through The Grove (road) and Sunday services are taking place in the hall. See below for up-to-date information.

In public worship at 11 a.m. each Sunday we praise God, read and reflect on the scriptures, sing, and pray together. There is a mix of traditional and modern hymns and a chance to be still in busy lives. Click below for more information.

Sunday Services

There are three rooms available for hire. Click below for more information.

Room Hire

The Church runs different groups and activities including Bible Studies, Choir, Fellowship Group and Lunch Club. Click below for more information.

Church Groups

Coming up at Ealing Green Church…


Lunch Club and choir are taking a break during August.




Choir practice restarts after summer break 7-8.30 p.m.



Ealing Green Church Council Meeting at 7.35 p.m. in the Rainbow Room



Lunch Club restarts after summer break Noon-1 p.m click here to find out more.



Monthly Bible Study after lunch club click here to find out more



General Church Meeting at 12.30 p.m.



Living and Dying Well (in the parlour) 2-3.30 p.m. click here for more information

More information

Asbestos Removal Company to finish encapsulation process by 16th June

Westco to finish filling the floor void with concrete and proceed with levelling the floor before installing the services prior to laying the new wooden floor.

The contractors to enable an inspection of the false ceiling at the apex of the revealed arch to deal with a structural issue.

Cut back on some of the features originally intended to be part of the Project:- oak panelling, Audio/Visual system and hot air ‘curtain’.

New side extension wiring is being installed and the floor surface will soon be completed.

Grants: URC has offered an interest-free loan of £50,000 and the Methodist Circuit voted to allow us a £50,000 grant. This means that we should be able to use some of our reserves for the refurbishment of Flat 3a. 

There are still some unexpected costs which need to be quantified, one being the ‘delay’ payments due to the contractors, incurred due to the completion date having to be extended to mid-November.

Fund-Raising: Junior Church’s homemade cake sale raised the magnificent sum of £156. The children have now launched their ‘smartie tube’ appeal by inviting us to take a tube, eat the smarties and then fill & return the tube with 20ps – actually £1 coins also fit!  

Click here for more information about the refurbishment.

Ealing Green Church is a partnership between the United Reformed and Methodist churches locally.  

It has members from many different backgrounds and countries, some who are used to church and some who have found their way to church only recently.  Some are passing through Ealing only briefly as students or with work, some have lived here many years.  Together we seek to live a faithful and fruitful Christian life, worshipping God and serving our community with generosity, humour, and good will.

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Methodist Modern Art Collection Exhibition ‘Visions of the Sacred’ Saturday 9 April to Sunday 22 May 2016

Follow this link to find out more


Pews for sale

30 August


Revd. Dr Jennifer Smith

Bible Steward:

David Groves


Helen Harper


Colin Hatherall